Physicality. Dance. Theatre.

Infusion Physical Theatre combines contemporary dance, non-traditional partnering, mime, puppetry and circus with soulful touches of humor, longing, comedy, tragedy, and the human spirit in bodily form. Founded in 2013 by Cambridge-based artists Daniel and Melanie Cossette, Infusion has performed site-specific work for the National Trust’s Winter Lights, in Project Dance London and Paris, in Resolution! at The Place, London, Sprung, the ADC and Mumford Theatres, in schools, as well as teaching regularly both locally and abroad. With a Christian ethos Infusion seeks to engage audiences in physical discussions of life, social justice and faith through the body and movement.


Infuse, ɪnˈfjuːz/: to introduce, imbue, or inspire by adding a new element or quality.

Infusion of Art: Under the broad category of physical theatre, we enjoy the ability to incorporate many art forms, drawing on a collective of artists with specialized skills. We use mime, dance, drama, circus skills, fire spinning, storytelling, poetry, literature, or whatever else we get our hands on.

Infusion of Faith: We as a company work with a Christian ethos. We believe the two greatest commandments are: love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Whether it’s just good family fun, or serious social topics of justice, poverty and equality, this worldview makes its way into all our work.