Guest Artists

rachel STAIRS relaxedRachel Smart is a self-employed mime artist and instructor, with many years of experience in creating courses and workshops for teaching mime to all ages for many purposes, from baby music and movement to advanced Marceau technique for adults and self-esteem workshops for teens with special needs. A troupe member with Ambassador Arts from 2003-2006, Rachel now creates original shows for many age-groups and venues, both with troupes and as a soloist. ‘I love to see audience members laugh and be inspired as much as I love seeing students grow from beginner to performer, gaining confidence and life skills as they learn this unique expressive art.’


Mighty Impulse Movement

Job bioJob van der Wal is a classically trained Marceau-style mime. With a Performers Journeymanship from Innovo Conservatory for the Arts, Pasadena, CA, he works full time as a mime and dance instructor and performer in the Netherlands, and other parts of Europe like Germany and Switzerland. Job has toured with other companies to the UK, France, Belgium, and South-Africa. With story telling and creative movements he wants to entertain, but most of all to tell people about his God through his art.


Rachel Riveros graduated from Northern Ballet School having danced there with IMG_2077Manchester City Ballet Company. In London she joined Re:birth Dance Company and toured the UK and the USA. She was a lead in West Ends “Once Upon a Thames” at Leicester Square Theatre and has also danced with numerous Contemporary Companies, at various “Resolutions” at The Place, and other festivals. Rachel has worked both in music videos and dance films. The last two years she has been highly involved with Project Dance London, in management and also as a performer with her own youth company, E33. Rachel expanded E33 to encompass a professional company, and performed at the 25th Resolution! Dance Festival 2014 with a project called Pursue Me.


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