Blue Troupe original

Ambassador Arts tour 2006

Infusion Physical Theatre as a name is relatively new, but the founders go way back. Daniel and Melanie Cossette have worked together across the Atlantic since 2001. Meeting at mime school, Mimeistry International, they maintained contact with many fellow mimes and artists. Daniel graduated and toured with Mimesitry first, and Melanie followed. After this Daniel pioneered Ambassador Arts, a group specializing in mime and dance, which operated for 8 years in Connecticut, USA.

Variety Acting 2

Christmivest 2007. Jeff Crandall Photography

As it developed Ambassador continued to diversify, and experimented with fusions incorporating spoken word, fire-spinning, dance, storytelling, ventriloquism, ballet, tae kwan do, premiering the shows Say it Loud!, Christmivest, Resurrection, Choices, and Say it Loud!. Meanwhile Melanie joined Ambassador on touring projects, when not working as an independent artist in England and Germany. She also co-produced a number of shows, and choreographed and collaborated with contemporary dancers in Cambridge and Berlin, and taught annually for Innovo France’s Paris mime and dance workshop.
Daniel was then invited to work with modern dance and contemporary ballet company in Houston, Texas, called Ad Deum, and became a full time company member. He also taught for three of the largest arts organizations in Houston (Houston Ballet, Alley Theatre, and Society for Performing Arts). His work with the international dance festival Project Dance brought him to London, where he joined Melanie for the tour M Imagination.
Magic happened and they decided to get married.
Now based in Cambridge they begin again under a new title: Infusion Physical Theatre.

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