Infusion is a repertory company, drawing from a variety of works past and present. We often have special projects and guest artists. Check out our upcoming performances, or peruse our summary of regular projects below.

Contact us for custom packages, or more information.

2020 SD Graphic smaller

Somebody’s Daughter: A bold fusion of contemporary dance and wordless storytelling, this mind-bending mimodrame walks the streets of modern poverty, desperation, lust and consumerism with a surprise culprit. Taking viewers beneath the everyday mask of normalcy, Somebody’s Daughter tracks the reverse puzzle of human trafficking for sexual exploitation. It’s a bone-jarring, high-energy physical journey through the highs and lows of life in the digital age, and the powers and players of one of the world’s fastest growing criminal trades: sex.

Shadow Suite: Peter and the Wolf, Nutcracker & Nutcracker Land of the Sweets, the Snow Queen

Beginning as a site-specific installation for the National Trust’s, Anglesey Abbey’s Winter Lights event, Infusion has also packaged its shadow extravaganza for the road. Set amid the magical night lights of the beautiful grounds and gardens of Anglesey Abbey and Mill, and going on its fifth year, Infusion has charmed all ages with its whimsical, life-sized shadow theatre. From Peter and the Wolf, to the Nutcracker, and the Snow Queen, Infusion combines classical music, stories, and a fantastical new way of physicalizing one of the most ancient forms of theatre.

Available for school bookings, KS1 & 2 Science of Light and Shadow, as well as behind the scenes workshops and activities for children.

Scrooge’s Christmas

Dickens beloved ghost tale retold through mime, dance, and circus.

Miserly Scrooge is warned of a miserable fate-after-death… But his spite and doubt promise him a full parade of spirits in circus, dance, aerial acrobatics, juggling and contortion, hoping that Scrooge will amend his ways. Local Cambridge circus artists collaborate with Infusion Physical Theatre in a unique showcase of skill and prowess, weaving the Dickensian narrative onto a soundscape of silence, carols and rock ‘n roll. It’s the timeless search for good-will, in a wordless holiday spectacle to remember.

Characters Shows

Red Beard Photos

Infusion Physical Theatre performs a roaming showcase of mime, clown and characters–silent antics, living statues, poems, stories, and Christmas legends. Playful and mysterious these odd characters have more than one invisible trick up their sleeves, and story in their pockets, including…

  • Dickens on the Streets—Excerpts from the classic carol, in dramatic word-for-word readings
  • Magritte’s Mime, the Heavenly Man—A surrealist installation or roaming character. He’s just a little… surreal
  • The Jester—A knave, a fool, a trickster, a joker, this playful character will keep you on your toes! Whether miming stories from his vast repertoire of characters, or wowing kings and peasants alike with his street antics, The Jester always has an invisible trick up his sleeve.  But watch out!  He speaks!  Full of mischief and mystery, The Jester is a character show by Daniel Cossette, not bound to a stage; he could be miming your way!

Pursue Me


photo: George Alexander Thompson

Infusion and E33 Dance Company present a combination of ballet, contemporary, and Brazilian capoeira. Three artists tell the story of brokenness, manipulation, love, and redemption. A girl faces the shatters of the choices she’s made in her search for identity, longing for a true love that can set her free.

Choreographed by Rachel Riveros, in collaboration with Daniel Cossette and Ponciano Almeidas, for the Resolution Dance Festival in London, 2014. It’s a prodigal daughter story like you’ve never seen it before.

This show tours in conjunction with Infusion Physical Theatre in theatres, community halls, churches, and other events. Set and lighting specifications available; arrange for live musicians.

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