Come see us, or bring us to you! We have a variety of shows that we do year-round on a touring basis. We often have special projects and guest artists. Check out our upcoming performances, or peruse our summary of regular projects below.

Contact us for custom packages, or more information.

Curio Character

Jeff Crandall Photogrpahy

Curio & Mysterio (coming soon)

Join the journey of discovery as two silent beings emerge from stillness to the motion of this world, exploring what it means to be human, to be alive, and to look for purpose. This spectacular display of stylized mime will leave audiences inspired and amazed as the zany and captivating Curio and Mysterio attempt to learn the peculiars of the human world, in their own peculiar way.



Framing Faith

Project Dance 2011, the scoop, city hall, london, ©sophie mutevelian

photo: Sophie Mutevelian

A collection of vignettes, this show takes a look at the prayer and power, the comedy and calamity, of walking the walk. Remember the stories of ancient truth, and feel the breeze of daily faith.  This show seeks to encourage and inspire, digging past the ideas of “religious organization” and into the wild blue yonder of relationship with the one true God.



The Jester

Redbeard Photography

The Jester

A knave, a fool, a trickster, a joker, this playful character will keep you on your toes!  Whether pantomiming stories from his vast repertoire of characters, or wowing kings and peasants alike with his street antics, The Jester always has an invisible trick up his sleeve.  But watch out!  He speaks!  Full of mischief and mystery, The Jester is a character show by Daniel Cossette, but not bound to a stage. He could be miming your way!



Nutcracker WEBThe Nutcracker Shadows

Tchaikovsky’s musical masterpiece comes to life again, but not in ballet, but shadows! This 13-minute work tours the major themes of the classic music and retells the story of Marie, the Nutcracker, and the Mouse King as you’ve never seen it before. Great for schools, with discussions about the story and workshops on mime and shadow-storytelling techniques.



PeterVariety Drama

Best known of the disciples of Jesus, this show takes a front row seat into the life of the man who perhaps knew Jesus’s best… or least. Bombastic and daring, this toughened fisherman stood eyewitness to the turning point of history, and the man who claimed to be God in the flesh. So hop in the boat, and take a ride with Peter—but you might have to hop back out to walk on the waves…



Peter and the Wolf Shadows!

Peter Wolf webA creative retelling of Prokofiev’s musical classic in mime, life-size shadow puppets, hand shadows, and dance. Follow the young boy Peter on his woodland adventure, meet all of his animal friends, and fearsome enemy! Afterwards audience members are invited backstage into the world of shadows to experience the magic first hand. Great for schools and community events.



Pursue Me


photo: George Alexander Thompson

Infusion and E33 Dance Company present a combination of ballet, contemporary, and Brazilian capoeira. Three artists tell the story of brokenness, manipulation, love, and redemption. A girl faces the shatters of the choices she’s made in her search for identity, longing for a true love that can set her free.

Choreographed by Rachel Riveros, in collaboration with Daniel Cossette and Ponciano Almeidas, for the Resolution Dance Festival in London, 2014. It’s a prodigal daughter story like you’ve never seen it before.

This show tours in conjunction with Infusion Physical Theatre in theatres, community halls, churches, and other events. Set and lighting specifications available; arrange for live musicians.


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