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Physical theatre is a fantastic way to engage students through audio, visual, and kinesthetic participation. We offer several ongoing projects, with room to customize…

Sixth Form

Physical Theatre Workshops

We offer customizable mime, dance, and physical theatre workshops for Sixth Form drama departments, able to teach general technique workshops, and directed movement exercises to enhance an upcoming performance/project.

Somebody’s Daughter Show, discussion, and movement workshops

A contemporary dance and physical theatre show about human trafficking and digital porn, developed with support by the Cambridge Centre of Applied Research in Human Trafficking (CCARHT). This 7-cast member show, inspires hope, compassion and change.

This mind-bending mimodrame takes a look at the backwards puzzle pieces in the life of a young trafficked woman, and it walks the streets of poverty, desperation, and consumerism, and looks at human trafficking’s effect modern society and social media.

Following the show, Infusion provides guided discussions and workshops that allow students to kinesthetically engage with topics relating to concepts of linking and connecting, isolation and travel, the law of supply and demand, and concepts of control and manipulation. In this way, students can safely understand the power struggles and cost of human trafficking on society.

Primary Schools

Celebrate Imagination

Students explore movement to communicate thought, character, emotion, and story. Critical thinking skills, working as a group, and story creation are all part of this creative course as student help to develop their own stories and them bring them to life. Educational stimulus for Art, Drama/Theatre, and Physical Education.

Peter and the Wolf Shadows, or the Snow Queen Shadows

After viewing Prokofiev’s musical classic in mime, life-size shadow puppets, hand shadows, and dance, students are invited backstage into the world of shadows to experience the magic first hand, while learning fundamental principles of light and shadow. Educational stimulus for Art, Science (KS2), Design, and Music.

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