2 dancers dressed in black trousers and blue tshirts. One male and one female. The woman dancer is leaning with her back against the male dancer. They are outside in front of a metal structure with graffiti on it.

Dynamic bodies moving in space, time, and spirit.

Infusion Physical Theatre combines contemporary dance, non-traditional partnering, mime, puppetry and circus with soulful touches of humor, longing and the human spirit in bodily form.

Founded in 2013 by Cambridge-based artists Daniel and Melanie Cossette, Infusion has performed site-specific work for the National Trust’s Winter Lights, performed in Project Dance (London and Paris), in Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Scotland), Sprung (Queens College, Cambridge), as well as appearing in Wandsworth Arts Fringe, The Library Presents rural touring scheme, local and international theatres.

Their community outreach arm seeks to engage locally with Cambridge and East Anglia. Offering community classes in fitness and dance, and hosting the Dance & Mime Café, the community movement arts initiative, Infusion seeks to forge ongoing community enrichment through the arts, and engage all levels of society offering inclusive, close-to-home feel, to the high form of physical theatre.

Photo credit: Duncan Grisby


Daniel Cossette, Co-founder Infusion Theatre, trained at Mimeistry International in Marceau-style French mime by Masters Todd and Marilyn Farley, graduating with honors in Technique and Creativity. He toured with Mimeistry 2000-2002, teaching and performing, before founding Ambassador Arts, encompassing mime, dance, storytelling, ventriloquism, and fire spinning. During this time he premiered the shows Say it Loud! and Christmivest, in collaboration with George W. Sarris (author, actor, NYC), Judy Buch (author, ventriloquist).  After that Dan was invited to work with Ad Deum Dance Company, Houston TX, where he danced and taught as a company member and functioned as tour director from 2009-2013. Dan has performed in prelude to Dance Houston, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Mark Morris Dance Company, and made guest appearances with First Night, Project Dance (NYC, London, Houston, Paris), and the Big E (Eastern States Exposition). He’s taught mime, dance, and theatrical combat/fencing, including for Springs Dance Company, Houston Ballet Outreach Program, the Alley Theatre, Society for Performing Arts, Alvin Ailey Outreach Program, New Britain High School, and Dance du Coeur, Sugarland, TX. He now lives in Cambridge, England, with his wife Melanie, and dances part time with Springs Dance Company and E33 Dance Company in London.

Melanie Cossette, Co-founder Infusion Theatre, is also a graduate of Mimeistry International, mentored by Todd Farley and touring with Mimeistry from 2002-2005, where she performed and designed sets for the Roar Tour in 2003. She joined Ambassador Arts and toured as a mime from 2003-2006. She co-directed Weltenwechsel, Berlin, Germany, incorporating mime, dance, music and acting. In Cambridge, England she has worked as an independent artist. Her choreography has been showcased at Queen’s College Cambridge and the Cambridge University Science Festival. She has also appeared as a guest artist for Project Dance London, the Creative Cabaret Cambridge, and led the mime tour M Imagination. She has had the privilege of working with choreographer Randall Flinn, Ad Deum Dance Company, on the Sound of Silence, for various festivals and events. Collaborating with Innovo Physical Theatre, she has taught mime and dance workshops in Paris for 10 years; she continues to teach mime for schools in and around Cambridge and serves as faculty for the Switzerland Summer Dance and Physical Theatre Intensive with Ad Deum Dance Company/JMEM Wiler.

Company Guests

Rachel Riveros, Dancer, Director of E33Dance Company CIC, Rachel graduated from Northern Ballet School having danced with Manchester City Ballet Company. Coming to London she joined Re:birth Dance Company where she toured extensively – including to the USA. She played a lead in West End’s “Once Upon a Thames” at Leicester Square Theatre and danced with numerous Contemporary Companies, at various Resoutions at The Place, and other festivals. She’s worked in film- both music videos and dance films. As director of E33 Dance Company, she leads both a professional performing company and youth programs and community dance projects.

Job van der Wal, Mime, first studied social care, with internships working with deaf children and as a prison guard. He later completed Mimeistry International’s 3 year program and returned to the Netherlands to found Mighty Impulse Movement, 2008. He has toured with Innovo Physical Theatre (USA & EU), Outa Theatre (USA) and Artbeat (Switzerland). In 2009 he won the Carla Velduis World Living Statue Award. His film credits include the movie “Alert, Dossier Verstrate,” and “Franse slag in Zeeland,” various documentaries, and background acting for ITV.

Paul Hunt—Lighting Designer, is a free-lance lighting and sound engineer, and owner of Solitech Light and Sound Solutions. He has designed shows and toured around the UK for many years, including his work for Note for a Child, and also works as a resident technician and set designer for the Mumford Theatre, Anglia Ruskin University when his schedule allows.

Esteban Zúñiga Domínguez, Composer, graduated Mexico City’s National School of Music (UNAM), earning Artistic Excellence Grant to Conservatoire de Paris, achieving a Masters in recording art and science, Paris-est University. His music and films have been shown in festivals Emu Fest Rome, FIMME Mexico, Luigi Russolo Barcelona, Musique à reaction Paris, and earned prizes in Metion Rosana Maggia Italy, International Price Nuestra America, and the SACEM award to the best composer from the 2013 class, among others.

In Our Network

Springs Dance Company

Springs Dance Company tours the UK, internationally performing and teaching work that is dynamic, entertaining and challenging. They like to make high-quality dance enjoyable by everyone, including those new to dance.


Sanskruti Dance

Sanskruti is a performing arts organisation specialising in South Asian dance. they make engaging, interactive dance theatre introducing children to Indian culture and music, using storytelling, shadow puppetry and dance movement. They combine the Indian classical style of Bharatanatyam and Contemporary Dance


Ad Deum Dance CompanyAd Deum is a professional modern/contemporary dance company based in Houston, Texas, directed by founder Randall Flinn, established January 2000. Ad Deum creates and performs excellent and vital works of dance that serve to wash over the heart and soul of humanity with relevant meaning and redemptive hope.


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