2 dancers dressed in black trousers and blue tshirts. One male and one female. The woman dancer is leaning with her back against the male dancer. They are outside in front of a metal structure with graffiti on it.

Dynamic bodies moving in space, time, and spirit.

Infusion Physical Theatre combines contemporary dance, non-traditional partnering, mime, puppetry and circus with soulful touches of humor, longing and the human spirit in bodily form.

Founded in 2013 by Cambridge-based artists Daniel and Melanie Cossette, Infusion has performed site-specific work for the National Trust’s Winter Lights, performed in Project Dance (London and Paris), in Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Scotland), Sprung (Queens College, Cambridge), as well as appearing in Wandsworth Arts Fringe, The Library Presents rural touring scheme, local and international theatres.

Their community outreach arm seeks to engage locally with Cambridge and East Anglia. Offering community classes in fitness and dance, and hosting the Dance & Mime Café, the community movement arts initiative, Infusion seeks to forge ongoing community enrichment through the arts, and engage all levels of society offering inclusive, close-to-home feel, to the high form of physical theatre.

Photo of 2 male dancers dressed in green shirts and long trousers. One is in a plank position on the floor whilst the other one is jumping over his legs.
Photographer: Duncan Grisby
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