• Check out our summer offering in connection with the Summer Dance Intensive by Ad Deum Dance Company and YWAM Wiler. Link here.

  • Mime Workshop Series

    Join us for a special 4-class mime/physical theatre workshop in the month of February!

    Thursday evenings, 7-8:30pm, Feb 2023

    Trumpington Village Hall, Cambridge, CB2 9HZ

    The classes will include warm up, exploration of physical theatre techniques derived from French style mime, statue work, and contemporary circus, including Body Control, Rhythms and Suspension, Emotions and Attitudes, Characters and more.

    Contact us for more info…!

  • Burwell Library

    Selfish Giant and Other Stories

    With elastic agility and graceful elegance, Infusion Physical Theatre bring to life short stories, with eye-popping imagination and dynamic physicality! International mime duo Daniel and Melanie Cossette take stories from literature and comics and weave them with and without words into an easy-to-follow laugh-and-wonder show for the whole family.

    • Saturday, November 12, 2022
    • 3:00-3:50 PM
    • Burwell Library Cambridge, England, CB25 0DU United Kingdom

    Suitable for: Families with children 4+ yrs

    Tickets: £4 / £14 (Family Saver) purchase here

  • We’re starting back up again!

    7-8:30pm THURSDAYS (starting Sept 1st)

    Trumpington Village Hall

    Main Hall

    For teens and adults

    We’re eager to get back into shape, and making dances for the new year! (Watch this space because we’re also looking to re-launch our sell-out success Dance and Mime Café… so come get involved! We’ll let you know when rehearsals will start!)

    The price for September will be £35 (paid in advance) £10 drop-in.

    As usual the classes are open to all levels, beginners are welcome. The level will be our usual Intermediate level to help beginners grow, and give experienced dancers a good workout.

  • The Library Presents

    This November Infusion will be presenting at Burwell Library a combination of short stories in mime and poetry taken from classic and modern literature. Fun for the whole family, make sure you get your tickets here!

  • 5-13 August 2022


    Dive into the pre-frontal cortex for an off-balance and emotive exploration of the three modes of emotional regulation: threat, drive, soothe. With grace and athleticism Soothe looks at the adrenaline, dopamine, and oxytocin that push, pull and drag us through life.

    This 4-cast ensemble brings to life the movement of mental well-being in a thoughtful and rambunctious examination of the psychological systems that make us tick. With this new contemporary dance theatre work, award winning Infusion Physical Theatre weaves together non-traditional partnering and original music to follow the cravings of a post-lockdown society eager for recovery.

    Book Tickets Here

  • Apple ‘N’ Spice is participatory Indo-European family dance show (for children aged 3+). This charming new fairy-tale tells the story of two stepmothers; one from the East and one from the West. As the plot thickens and their stories entwine, the characters need the help of the audience to find their happy ending. The show brings Bharatanatyam, shadow puppetry, contemporary dance and an original music score.

    The show is supported by Arts Council England, Hertfordshire libraries, Cambridge Junction, Mercury Theatre, Offbeat Festival-Oxford and Worthing Theatres and Museums.

    Book tickets here!
  • Fringeward Ho!

    Its finally happening! We’re heading to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival–its been a long road of pandemics, lockdowns, cancellations and postponements… but its finally here. Catch our all-new show on its world premier, Soothe! A thoughtful and rambunctious exploration of the three modes of emotional regulation: threat, drive, soothe. Award-winning artists deliver off-balance, emotive dance theatre embodying the hormones that push, pull and drag us through a post-lockdown society eager for recovery.

    See the full run and get tickets here!

  • Infusion is pleased to be short-listed for Cambridgeshire’s Library Presents Autumn menu. Vote for our mime and physical theatre duet ‘Selfish Giant and Other Stories’ under the Storytelling heading.

    Vote here! (voting closes 22nd April)

    Follow the orange button, and scroll down to the Storytelling heading to find us… and support your local Libraries!

    2 dancers dressed in black. One dancer is lying on his back on the floor, balancing the second dancer in a U shape on his side. The balanced dancer has one hand above her face and one below almost making a frame.
    The Selfish Giant and Other Stories…

    Infusion Physical Theatre brings to life short stories with eye-popping imagination and dynamic physicality! International mime duo Daniel and Melanie Cossette weave stories with and without words into an easy-to-follow laugh-and-wonder show for the whole family. Soar with secret agents on paragliders down to hungry caterpillars on leaves; explore timeless classics from Wilde and Milton, and non-sense poetry from Caroll and Tolkien. An eclectic collection, serious and fun, taken from literature, stories and comics. With elastic agility and the graceful elegance of French style mime, prepare for a show which will be magical and inspiring.

  • Easter Film

    Check out some of Infusion’s team in this this gripping film mime, physical theatre and dance film.

    The Lent Season has begun, and Easter is close at hand!

    Make the original Easter story as accessible as possible. Instead of a live Easter performance, download this digital Easter show, and host a screening!

    Easy-to-use in a church hall or sanctuary, suitable for online meetings (Zoom, or other broadcast platforms), as well as home screens.

    Artbeat’s performance `Easter, the Story of Freedom` is suitable for all audiences and languages. Not a word is spoken but the viewer is taken through this intense story of love, hate, pain, surrender, lies, mercy and victory.

    Trailer and booking here:

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