Upcoming Events

Human Trafficking Awareness Show Development

We are fundraising for a new show! Back us on Eventbrite…!

After 8 months of  intense research and logistics Infusion is taking on the issue of human trafficking.

We’re in development of a hard-hitting, soulful look into the modern day problem of human trafficking for sexual exploitation, to bring humanity and dignity to the trafficked persons on the street and on the other side of the webcam. The production is set to be a bone-jarring, high-energy, 30 minute physical journey through highs and lows of modern life in the digital age, staring down internet porn, human trafficking, and seduction of the human conscience. Through dance, mime, and original music Infusion crafts a 3D experience for all viewers of what happens when capitalism and desire meets poverty and desperation.

But can our attitudes change?

These are some stats. Help us change them!

•Worldwide more than 800,000 men, women, and children are trafficked over borders (or moved within their own country) every year
•77% of trafficked victims are women
•87% of trafficked victims are sexually exploited
•Human trafficking is a worldwide criminal activity with annual profits estimated to be $36 billion
•London police estimate that 70 percent of the 88,000 women involved in prostitution in England and Wales are under the control of traffickers


E33 Dance Film: Pursue Me

Infusion collaborates once again with E33 Dance Company on a contemporary ballet/Brazilian capoeira fusion. Currently in production, this short dance film tells a story of brokenness, manipulation, love, and redemption, set for release early 2018! Choreographed by Rachel Riveros, in collaboration with Daniel Cossette and Modelo Aneta Zwierzynska, it’s a prodigal daughter story like you’ve never seen it before.


Springs Dance Company, Booking Now


The Green Project, Springs Dance Company

Infusion’s Dan Cossette works with Springs Dance Company and Tearfund in this invigorating project that will stir up hope and inspire action on climate change.

Contact: Eliza Reger

Click here







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