• Local at Christmas

    We’re pleased that our partner Springs Dance Company is coming to Cambridge, UK as part of their Christmas tour of Journey of the Magi, with an all-star cast including our very own Dan Cossette… Don’t miss out! Also check out Springs full tour schedule under our upcoming events tab…

  • Return to the Stage

    After 19 months of Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions, Infusion was pleased to take to the stage for English audiences just a week ago. Partnering with longstanding friends (we call them our sister company) E33 Dance Company, we were pleased to perform to an wonderful audience at the Battersea Exchange, London.

    Audience shared tears of joy and relief, and moments of comfort–many leaving the event saying they felt “lighter” and “fuller.” The show We’re Gonna Be Okay, was devised from personal stories of the dancers, and looking for hope and healing after the tumultuous past year-and-a-half.

    Photos: Nick Cornwall

  • We’re always interested inspiring creativity and helping people be active and mobile! Come along to our live classes. Pilates classes running currently. Dance beginning Sept 6th!

  • Coming back into action after national lockdowns… check out our Go Fund Me… we’re excited to be making a film and prepping it to release at digital arts festivals (like the Ed Fringe!) and then later as fundraising benefits for dynamic charities working to end trafficking! Please check it out. [edit] The expenses are ongoing, so even though the film dates are now past, we are grateful for all contributions!

  • Easter Online

    Infusion is pleased to be joining up with Art Beat (Switzerland) and Mighty Impulse Movement (the Netherlands) to produce an Easter Passion play, available for release online Easter 2021!

  • To rehearse…

    …or not to rehearse, that is the question!

    Like everyone, 2020 brought massive disruption to our plans and schedules. But look at what we achieved!

    We’ve invented a whole new way of dancing online (Yay, to our amazing dance family across four continents who join our ongoing community classes and choreography projects!) We’ve been working out, rehearsing new choreography, and exploring dance technique and mime/physical theatre… all from our own homes. We’ve also premiered our dance combo video series on our YouTube channel, and appeared in the online platform Dance Onstage (live dance with a digital premier that is…!)

    Breaking the Mould, Sainsbury’s Centre for Visual Art. Dancers Dan Cossette and Rachel Riveros, 2018

    It took some campaigning by arts industry and our unions (thanks Equity!), but the government has realized they have to allow the arts to resume work just like everyone else… and their policies include professional activities to occur, much like elite athletes are allowed to go to work (training, playing matches, and huffing and puffing in public places like you’d expect!). Thanks government–we do bring you billions of pounds of revenue every year…!

    But they forgot to tell small rehearsal halls, community halls, gyms and other such venues that we are allowed to work! So bear with us as we try to wrangle the next professional hurdle, and get ourselves into physical places to keep producing the shows ad activities you love.

    We have three massive projects coming up between us and our partners. We will be dancing with E33 Dance Company in the Wandsworth Arts Fringe in June. And we’re developing and premiering an all new show with Springs Dance Company aimed at children and schools (which have had an equally challenging year, and are desperate for some creative release!). Finally our own anti-trafficking show is gaining momentum again, and we have won some awards to make a film version for digital release..! Coming this summer, so watch this space!

  • Mime workshops online

    photo: Helen Aitchinson

    Don’t miss out on our upcoming mime workshops!

    Two Saturdays! Feb 27th & Mar 6th

    3-5pm UK time

    Each week will be different: Focus will be on physicalization of a character and emotion in movement. Following that will be corporeal architecture and shaping the invisible world.

    The majority of the workshop will introduce concepts of movement from the Marceau-style of mime, creating a diving board for you to develop your own creative practice. Both sessions will include moments for you to make your own sketches and movement experiments, to develop practical application of the techniques explored.

    This course will be fantastic for actors, dancers, movement enthusiasts, business professionals and students. Grow your understanding of body language, posture, control, communication. Inspire greater levels of clarity and dynamic in characters, expression, and embrace the mystére of movement.

    Email us at for details. International payments possible.

  • Once again, our amazing friends at Springs Dance Company are hosting a massive online dance conference. Registration and class booking is now open for Nourish 2021. Nourish your inner creativity, dance artist, and/or spiritual wellbeing…!

    Specifically our Dan Cossette is offering an open level Mime class on illusions on Friday 19th February, 5pm UK time

    See the full details here –

    There’s really great timetable lined up, including a dedicated professional stream for dance artists looking for a good challenge and inspiration whether or not you may be stuck at home. Take a look and see what classes may be for you!

  • Dance Onstage

    Check out our streamed performance at Dance Onstage, hosted by Bravo Productions, Sunday 29th November at 7pm (UK time). Infusion’s award-winning Dan Cossette was invited along with other London-based dance artists to take the stage for this recorded performance.

    We’ve been invited to contribute to the incredible line up of dance professionals. Dan Cossette will premier his latest solo, developed in lockdown as a dance for hope, healing and racial reconciliation. The piece was funded by the Arts Council England. Dance Onstage will also include London’s West End’s Sam Salter, debuting two exclusive solo pieces, and Springs Dance Company’s Emily Yong, debuting her own solo choreography.

    “Enjoy a range of Classical, Contemporary, Jazz and Commercial pieces that have been exclusively choreographed for this event – you will not want to miss the talent.”

    Bravo Productions is an innovative company, bringing the very best of entertainment to Tonbridge… and more recently events accessible worldwide! Bravo has been working hard to keep the arts alive throughout this difficult time of world pandemic and was pleased to feature safely-distanced live performances over summer 2020. They have turned their attentions now to pre-recording amazing talent live, and airing the events online.

    ​Bravo has made it possible for you to directly support your favorite artists during these times when theatres and performances are restricted. Please show YOUR support by booking a ticket. Upon booking, let them know who you will be tuning in to watch, whether it is the one person or everyone!

    ​It will be a high quality virtual experience for the audience at home. The theatre is coming to you…

    Book your tickets now!

  • Nourish

    Infusion is pleased to be teaching in Nourish, Springs Dance Company’s online dance event! We will be offering Mime for Dancers, as well as a Modern Dance Mixer for open levels, and intermediate levels. Look for Springs company members as well as master class teachers from around the world contributing fantastic classes to fuel and inspire you. Registration also allows access to daily inspirational thoughts, and panel discussions with artistic directors from around the UK. Don’t miss it!

    There’s something for everyone, no matter what level mover or dancer you may be, from beginner adult to professional. Come get nourished!

    Join the event here, and choose from a large menu of master classes, panels, devotionals, and more…

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