Pursue Me

Infusion’s Daniel Cossette is taking part in an exciting new project that will premier at the Resolution Dance Festival in London this coming January. A new fusion of ballet, contemporary, and Brazilian capoeira, three artists tell the story of brokenness, manipulation, love, and redemption. Ticket booking, donation info, and pictures below!

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All Pursue Me photos credit George Alexander Thompson

Pursue Me was a vision that ballet and contemporary dancer Rachel Riveros had for some time, ever since taking a capoeira class (Brazilian martial arts, gymnastics, and dance art form, combined in one). She recruited Daniel Cossette, mime/dancer, and Ponciano Almeidas, dancer/capoerista, to help her bring the vision to life–as well as nearly 20 other individuals to help with everything from promotion, to setting, to photography.

The internationally diverse team has been working in unique collaboration on all aspects of this exciting project. The movement artists (dancers and capoeirista) have not only collaborated on the choreography–teaching each other moves–but with the musicians, and set, lighting, and costume designers as well. Each member of the team has had input into multiple aspects of the show, making it truly a group effort to produce whole product that will, we hope, move audiences deeply with the story of a father’s unconditional love for his independently minded daughter.

We need your help! This event is produced by the artists. If you would like to donate to help us reach our goals click here.

Tickets: Come and see the show on 31/01/14 at 8pm at The Place Theatre, Kings Cross. Tickets at www.theplace.org.uk  0207 121 1100 or just like us on Facebook “Pursue Me” or Twitter @pursuemeproject. The word on the street is that the “good seats” are going fast! We recommend booking your tickets earlier, rather than later!

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