E33’s Somewhere in the Middle, Wandsworth Arts Fringe

Infusion was pleased to have been involved with the Wandsworth Arts Fringe, dancing for our colleague group E33 Dance Company this past weekend. Director (and long time friend!) Rachel Riveros brilliantly re-staged the contemporary ballet/capoiera fusion Somewhere in the Middle, complete with live musicians and international dance artists. Our own Daniel Cossette reprised his original roll (from 2014) in the lively and beautifully-designed work once more, as well as featuring in a number of smaller works.

Infusion’s Melanie Cossette presented “The Sound of Silence,” a dance by American choreographer Randall Flinn (Ad Deum Dance Company, Houston, TX) in the subsequent Creative Soul Spa. Here workshops participants engaged in a multi-sensory “arts spa.” Pop-up style dance performances fell between fine arts and dance workshops, with gaps to hang out in a chill out room,  and receive hand massage–refreshment for soul, body, and mind. One audience member said, “Thank you. Your dance reminded me I’m not alone the silences.”

Rachel Riveros and Daniel Cossette, dancing Benedictus
A sneaky glimpse into pre-show rehearsals, Somewhere in the Middle

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