Switzerland Workshop


Joining international moving force of modern and contemporary dance Ad Deum Dance Company, Infusion offers a physical theatre elective track at this powerhouse workshop of beauty, artistry and athleticism. Daily classes in Modern and Ballet at beginner, intermediate, and advanced/professional level, and an exciting selection of electives will ensure one of the best dance and mime workshops you’ll find all summer. Price is all-inclusive… click here!

Project Dance Paris 2017

Dan Cossette of Infusion dances in the Place de la Republique, Paris, 2016. Project Dance Paris. photo: Marie Charlotte

July 21-23, Infusion returns to the Capitol of Love with the Project Dance Foundation to bring hope and inspiration through offerings of dance and physical theatre. With special performances Friday; outdoor, all-day, free dance show in the Place de la Republique, Saturday; and master class offerings on Sunday for registrants, Project Dance Paris promises to be a weekend of artistic excellence and generosity.

This year’s free, open-air performance will be in the Place de la Republique Saturday July 22nd.

The previous year’s event came on the heels of the multiple terror attacks in France, and dancers were able to share, both from the stage, and personally with members of the public–representing many faiths and backgrounds–about hope, healing, and freedom through Jesus Christ.  One Parisian noted, “In this place, normally all you hear is people protesting. Today, everyone is so joyful–it’s a powerful statement!”

For more information, or to get involved visit Project Dance Paris.

Resolution 2014


All Pursue Me photos courtesy of George Alexander Thompson

Infusion’s Dan Cossette hit the stage the January 31st for E33 Dance Company’s premier of Pursue Me.  A 15 minute ballet/capoeira fusion telling the story of love, rebellion, power struggle, and return. Audiences were captured from the first notes of live musicians, led by pianist Reinis Zarins, and the fascinating set design of broken windows and glass shatters on the floor.


Special thanks to Rachel Riveros and her team for making it happen. Cast and crew heard many grateful responses as people reported crying their way through the story, receiving healing and hope. A standing ovation from a full house, made for a wondrous evening.