Inside Out: Cambridge

City Church graphicHonest, playful and challenging, the show delves inside the worlds of ordinary people who for various reasons call themselves ‘Christian’. The dancers dive into the vibrant, complex realities of faith, and emerge with a surprising mix of dance and theatre. As the sounds of voices telling their stories are woven into the soundtrack, a rich collection of personal thoughts and experiences is unearthed…
City Church Cambridge,
12-16 Cheddars Lane, CB5 8LD

Saturday 11 July
Refreshments from 5:30-8:00pm
Performance from 6:30-7:30pm

Invite your friends and family and turn up on the night!
Children welcome!

Paris 2015

Infusion was pleased to work with Innovo France once again for their annual mime and dance intensive. Daniel and Melanie Cossette worked with the dance track exploring Modern and Contemporary dance, movement generation, improvisation, and offering electives from flags to capoeira, jazz to hip hop.


The Christian workshop also focused on the Biblical foundation of the arts, and looked at the use of IMG_1223dance and mime in the modern church setting. Inspiring talks from the faculty explored the purpose of art in a liturgical and spiritual setting. Then opportunity was given to the workshop participants–and the community–to explore mime and dance in a participatory creative worship time. The time of holistic worship was inspiring and invigorating, and many of the students said that they had been significantly impressed by the experience; some even said they’d been healed of injuries, and one woman experienced the shrinking of a painful tumor!

Melanie and Dan return to Cambridge to continue on going classes, inspired and excited for their Spring projects.




Inside Out

What does it mean to be a Christian? What is Christianity?

Inside out poster

Infusion’s Dan Cossette is joining Springs as a dancer to get to the middle of this conundrum of Christianity and turn it… (ready?) inside out!

Live recordings of personal stories and answers takes audiences into a wide tour of responses exploring this broad concept of Christianity. This show examines a diverse range of responses and tries to get at the core of who, or what, makes a Christian. Interested in booking? click here.