London /Cambridge in July, after successful Manx tour!

Lots of things are coming up, so be sure to check out our upcoming events tab! Project Dance London, double-bill performances with Springs and Ad Deum, and master classes and performances in our Cambridge hometown!


City of Peel, Isle of Man

All this following a wonderful tour on the picturesque Isle of Man, were we toured five schools in five days. We performed Peter and the Wolf Shadows, and then discussed the science of light and shadow, and did workshops with the children on shadow storytelling. There was no shortage of volunteers, and everybody got a chance to experiment with shadow making. The children loved to see their classmates on the 2.5m x 2m projection screen, and they laughed and laughed whenever we taught them how to magnify a shadow to gigantic size! Good fun!

Isle of Man Tour day 1

First day of tour… Peter ready to meet the wolf!

Infusion plans to perform next at Project Dance London at the Scoop 19th July in the FREE, general graphicall-day, outdoor dance concert. The Scoop is an open air amphitheater on the south bank of the Thames near Tower Bridge (London Bridge Tube station). Starting at 11am, and going until 5pm, don’t miss a chance to see dance artists from all over the world, and from right here in England, performing for London absolutely free! The Project Dance ethos? To bless and inspire the city, by artists using their gifts to provide hope, healing, and inspiration at no cost to the passersby. You’ll see infusion there, as well as a number of our friends, including E33 Dance Company, Springs Dance Company, and special guests Ad Deum Dance Company all the way from Houston, Texas.


The Scoop, London

June Tour, Isle of Man

June 9th-14th, 2014

Our teacher friend heard we were doing a show about Peter and the Wolf. “I’m teaching that to my kids at school right now!” she exclaimed. “I’d love for you to come and do something with us!”

That’s all it took. We set about making a plan, and the Isle of Man Tour 2014 sprang to life!

Infusion will be on the Isle performing shadow shows at schools by day, and available for bookings by night! Contact us if your interested in Peter and the Wolf Shadows, Framing Faith, or Peter. We have most evenings free, but you’ll have to shoot us an email quick if you want a day-time slot for your school!

…need to practice my Manx!