Into the woods… well, jungle…

Infusion rejoins the creative team behind Apple n Spice, an Indian dance experience, and a fairy-tale mash-up: comparing the two step-mothers from eastern and western tales. Snow White and Grimhilde meet Ram and Kaikeye in the deep forests of folklore, in a contemporary/south Indian and shadow theatre fusion.

We’re back in the props workshop developing all new shadows, and choreography is well under way! Look for us in the Library Present Autumn Menu for Hertfordshire!

Lighting up the Snow Queen

Infusion is in high gear with production for its all-new annual shadow show for Anglesey Abbey. The two866_641_Winter+Lights+7_thumb_460x0,0 mile nighttime walk through the colorfully lit abbey gardens is a magical event. Music and performers add fun and mystery to the atmosphere, and Infusion returns for a third year running with light and shadow to weave a classic tale for kids and adults.

 This year: Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen. And no double-princess sing-along here; audiences may recognize a reindeer and a snowy queen, but the original tale, set to Scandinavian composer Jean Sibelius’ work, takes the Danish fairy tale to new heights (lights?).

infusion workshop

Infusion Workshop in full swing for the Snow Queen

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 In the meantime, Infusion Adult Contemporary Dance classes continue to run on Monday nights, as does Core Fitness and Pilates. Drop by and visit!

Last Minute Changes…!

When you work in the arts industry, you know last minute changes happen. It never prepares you for them though! After months of preparation and rehearsal for this year’s annual shadow show at Anglesey Abbey (see Upcoming Events), Infusion performers/choreographers Mel and Dan Cossette realized they would have to completely reverse the shadows of the Mouse King and Nutcracker for the duel scene–only the climax of the entire show.

With dress rehearsal and show day less than 36 hours away, it was back to the props workshop to rebuild the shadow puppets, reversing the handles, and then switching all the choreography to the opposite hands. No biggie, right?

Look for last minute ticket releases for the sold-out hit event Winter Lights at Anglesey Abbey, Lode, UK!

Nutcracker WEB