Dance Onstage

Check out our streamed performance at Dance Onstage, hosted by Bravo Productions, Sunday 29th November at 7pm (UK time). Infusion’s award-winning Dan Cossette was invited along with other London-based dance artists to take the stage for this recorded performance.

We’ve been invited to contribute to the incredible line up of dance professionals. Dan Cossette will premier his latest solo, developed in lockdown as a dance for hope, healing and racial reconciliation. The piece was funded by the Arts Council England. Dance Onstage will also include London’s West End’s Sam Salter, debuting two exclusive solo pieces, and Springs Dance Company’s Emily Yong, debuting her own solo choreography.

“Enjoy a range of Classical, Contemporary, Jazz and Commercial pieces that have been exclusively choreographed for this event – you will not want to miss the talent.”

Bravo Productions is an innovative company, bringing the very best of entertainment to Tonbridge… and more recently events accessible worldwide! Bravo has been working hard to keep the arts alive throughout this difficult time of world pandemic and was pleased to feature safely-distanced live performances over summer 2020. They have turned their attentions now to pre-recording amazing talent live, and airing the events online.

​Bravo has made it possible for you to directly support your favorite artists during these times when theatres and performances are restricted. Please show YOUR support by booking a ticket. Upon booking, let them know who you will be tuning in to watch, whether it is the one person or everyone!

​It will be a high quality virtual experience for the audience at home. The theatre is coming to you…

Book your tickets now!

Sprung! 2019 20th Anniversary

Infusion is pleased to have Dan’s Cossette’s new work-in-progress Brickies being presented as part of the Queen’s College Contemporary Dance Society’s annual showcase, Sprung! Look for two excerpts from this new work about brick layers and skilled laborers. Enjoy an eclectic collaboration of artists as they come together for an evening of dance films, class demos, street dance, spoken word, and especially… contemporary dance performances!

Brickies I: Vision, Trumpington Village Hall, Feb 1, 2019. photo: Duncan Grisby

In its 20th year, Sprung promises to be a celebration of the many wonderful and diverse years of artistic richness presented through the platform. Come join the celebration and be inspired, including works by Queen’s College dancer-in-Residence Adéle Thompson the Shipping Forecast, and the Art of the Short Story.

Springs Dance Company Open Workshop

Springs Dance Company Open Workshop, Saturday 6th February!!!

Come dance with Naomi Cook and Daniel Cossette.

Naomi (Assistant Director, Springs,9 years) and Dan (formerly of Ad Deum Dance Company, now directing Infusion Physical Theatre, Cambridge) will lead a contemporary dance workshop exploring issues of climate change, based on Springs’ Green Project, in cooperation with Tear Fund. Come experience the breadth and depth of the issue, and explore the hope and impact we can have as individuals through the vitalizing medium of dance.

Arrival/registration 10am. Start 10.30am, finish 4pm. Please bring lunch with you.

Call Company Administrator Eliza Reger for more info and pricing: 07775 628 442

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New Year

Welcome to the New Year! Infusion had a busy Christmas season, and now we’re settling back to a regular stream of teaching.

  • Interested in core fitness for adults?
  • Dance classes for kids or teens?
  • School programs?

We’re offering a variety of local classes for Cambridge, and touring regionally with our Peter and the Wolf Shadows show.  It’s all on our education page here!

Also, Dan Cossette will be performing in London this February 7th, so check out our upcoming events tab.

Last Minute Changes…!

When you work in the arts industry, you know last minute changes happen. It never prepares you for them though! After months of preparation and rehearsal for this year’s annual shadow show at Anglesey Abbey (see Upcoming Events), Infusion performers/choreographers Mel and Dan Cossette realized they would have to completely reverse the shadows of the Mouse King and Nutcracker for the duel scene–only the climax of the entire show.

With dress rehearsal and show day less than 36 hours away, it was back to the props workshop to rebuild the shadow puppets, reversing the handles, and then switching all the choreography to the opposite hands. No biggie, right?

Look for last minute ticket releases for the sold-out hit event Winter Lights at Anglesey Abbey, Lode, UK!

Nutcracker WEB

Cambridge Buskers and Street Performers Festival

Cambuskers logo

Check out our upcoming events for Dan Cossette’s participation as a street mime in the fantastic annual buskers festival this weekend!

Classic mime illusions combined with this wistful poor man’s dreams of buried treasures, Olympic aspirations, and penchant to get stuck in slow motion vortexes–all with a healthy dose of audience participation… it’s street mime at its finest!