Inside Out: Cambridge

City Church graphicHonest, playful and challenging, the show delves inside the worlds of ordinary people who for various reasons call themselves ‘Christian’. The dancers dive into the vibrant, complex realities of faith, and emerge with a surprising mix of dance and theatre. As the sounds of voices telling their stories are woven into the soundtrack, a rich collection of personal thoughts and experiences is unearthed…
City Church Cambridge,
12-16 Cheddars Lane, CB5 8LD

Saturday 11 July
Refreshments from 5:30-8:00pm
Performance from 6:30-7:30pm

Invite your friends and family and turn up on the night!
Children welcome!

July: a busy month for Infusion!

What a whirlwind!

We performed and stage managed the fantastic open air dance festival Project Dance London at the Scoop (under Tower Bridge).  We programmed and called the 6 hour show, whilst warming up and performing multiple times scattered throughout the day. One lady came at about noon and stayed the entire day to watch every performance! Not bad for a day forecast to be severe thunderstorms; the weather stayed bright and comfortable all day!

the-scoop-at-more-london general graphic






Following that we shared a wonderful day doing a cultural exchange with Springs Dance Company (of London) and Ad Deum Dance Company (Houston, Texas). Each company taught some of their standing repertiore after having a class to warm up together taught by Naomi Cook (assistant director, Springs). Someone noted that Infusion’s Dan Cossette is probably the first person to dance for both companies. Being that they both share the same Christian ethos, and have long standing traditions of quality… well, we thought that was pretty neat!


Culturally exchanging British tea time, Springs and Ad Deum

We had a double bill performance with Springs and Ad Deum that week. Springs performing sections of their current show Inside Out, featuring personal stories spoken to music and danced out, and Ad Deum performing From One Heart, a seemingly never ending tour de force of grace, athleticism, beauty, and healing.


The Marriage Testimony duet from Inside Out


Ad Deum’s title work From One Heart







After that Ad Deum came up to Cambridge, where Infusion hosted them for a couple of master classes, and their own performance at the beautiful Homerton College. We have no pictures of the show itself, but we were upgraded to the main auditorium by a quick thinking conferences manager (thanks, Gayle!) who realized we couldn’t bring chairs into the dance studio for our scheduled studio performance! The result was a beautiful night in an even nicer space than anticipated.


Ad Deum’s Sarah Yarbrough demonstrates a croise extension en evant with Graham contraction, in Infusion-sponsored master class

Randall Flinn (artistic director, Ad Deum) invited our Dan Cossette to perform with them for the C.S. Lewis Foundation’s Oxford/Cambridge conference at the ADC Theatre. Randall suggested a reprise performance of Be Still My Soul, a pas de deux Cossette used to perform with Ad Deum’s former principal dancer Shizu Yasuda, and current company member Sarah Yarbrough. Sarah and Dan went to the rehearsal studio with only a few short hours to show time.  Restaging the breathtaking duet was a great joy and honor for Dan. Thanks to Ad Deum Dance Company for sharing the stage with us: you’re such beautiful, dear, and missed friends!

Infusion is now looking ahead to booking the Peter and the Wolf Shadows tour to schools 2014/15, and is working on new rep for the coming season and performances with Creative Cabaret Cambridge. Stay tuned for coming news!

Be Still  rehearsal film strip below…

DSC00849 DSC00852 DSC00853

Inside Out

What does it mean to be a Christian? What is Christianity?

Inside out poster

Infusion’s Dan Cossette is joining Springs as a dancer to get to the middle of this conundrum of Christianity and turn it… (ready?) inside out!

Live recordings of personal stories and answers takes audiences into a wide tour of responses exploring this broad concept of Christianity. This show examines a diverse range of responses and tries to get at the core of who, or what, makes a Christian. Interested in booking? click here.