• June 9th-14th, 2014

    Our teacher friend heard we were doing a show about Peter and the Wolf. “I’m teaching that to my kids at school right now!” she exclaimed. “I’d love for you to come and do something with us!”

    That’s all it took. We set about making a plan, and the Isle of Man Tour 2014 sprang to life!

    Infusion will be on the Isle performing shadow shows at schools by day, and available for bookings by night! Contact us if your interested in Peter and the Wolf Shadows, Framing Faith, or Peter. We have most evenings free, but you’ll have to shoot us an email quick if you want a day-time slot for your school!

    …need to practice my Manx!

  • See us in London!

    Hither Green Festival 2014
    Tuesday 20th May, 6.30pm
    Tuesday 20th May, 6.30pm
    Tickets £5
    St Swithun’s Church, Hither Green Lane, London, SE13 6QE
    To book, or for more information: call 02088 525088
  • Inside Out

    What does it mean to be a Christian? What is Christianity?

    Inside out poster

    Infusion’s Dan Cossette is joining Springs as a dancer to get to the middle of this conundrum of Christianity and turn it… (ready?) inside out!

    Live recordings of personal stories and answers takes audiences into a wide tour of responses exploring this broad concept of Christianity. This show examines a diverse range of responses and tries to get at the core of who, or what, makes a Christian. Interested in booking? click here.

  • Sprung!

    Infusion’s Daniel and Melanie Cossette joined a class hosted by Queen’s College, Cambridge–open not only to university students, but also the community at large–for the chance to STOMP, and do share some “architectural and spatial choreography” in contemporary style dance under the direction of Adèle Thompson (a founding member of European touring STOMP show).

    Sprung! 2014

    “I wouldn’t have done it if you hadn’t made me,” said Melanie Cossette, laughing, “I’m terrible at rhythm.”

    “I wasn’t going to miss the chance!” said Daniel, who owns the STOMP Out Loud 1997 DVD and confesses to watching it at least once a year since purchasing it.

    Adèle Thompson, the Dance-Artist-in-Residence at Queen’s College, teaches weekly contemporary classes during term on Fridays and Saturdays. Every spring the open-to-the-community classes produce a show called Sprung! This is their 15th anniversary, which Thompson says, “It’s in this very awkward, adolescent year, and we need to give it a little something special!” So she decided not only to choreograph a contemporary dance for her students, but also to give them a chance to STOMP themselves, teaching them STOMP style Brooms and Pipes routines.

    The contemporary work will be an abstract piece inspired by buildings and architecture. “In the past we’ve done some really deep and somewhat heavy things,” said Thompson, “but this year it’s just going to be about shapes in space.” She and her students brought in photographs of buildings that inspired them, and used those as a jumping point to developing movement phrases which became the elements of the dance.

    Also, Thompson wanted to give audience members a glance at the building blocks of contemporary dance by choreographing a fourth piece, which is a series of exercises taken the class’ warm up and conditioning. Calling it “First Positions,” Thompson calls it a “peek behind the scenes of what goes on in a contemporary dance technique class.” Try and keep up! Though the demographics of the class are quite diverse, the deceptively simple start devolves quickly into rapid drops to the floor, back rolls and spins before each member rises quickly to their feet to repeat the sequence.

    Queen’s dance class participants can also present their own choreography and dance contributions. The show will feature some original material from the community students, as well as a look at some short films from past Sprung! shows, and Daniel Cossette will present Mighty Spirit by Randall Flinn (an American choreographer, who set the work on Cossette in 2008).

    The show is the 11th & 12th of March at 7:30pm, Queen’s College, Fitzpatrick Hall. Tickets are available from the door for £5/£4 students.

  • Resolution 2014

    All Pursue Me photos courtesy of George Alexander Thompson

    Infusion’s Dan Cossette hit the stage the January 31st for E33 Dance Company’s premier of Pursue Me.  A 15 minute ballet/capoeira fusion telling the story of love, rebellion, power struggle, and return. Audiences were captured from the first notes of live musicians, led by pianist Reinis Zarins, and the fascinating set design of broken windows and glass shatters on the floor.


    Special thanks to Rachel Riveros and her team for making it happen. Cast and crew heard many grateful responses as people reported crying their way through the story, receiving healing and hope. A standing ovation from a full house, made for a wondrous evening.


  • Pursue Me

    Infusion’s Daniel Cossette is taking part in an exciting new project that will premier at the Resolution Dance Festival in London this coming January. A new fusion of ballet, contemporary, and Brazilian capoeira, three artists tell the story of brokenness, manipulation, love, and redemption. Ticket booking, donation info, and pictures below!

    IMG_6146 2
    All Pursue Me photos credit George Alexander Thompson

    Pursue Me was a vision that ballet and contemporary dancer Rachel Riveros had for some time, ever since taking a capoeira class (Brazilian martial arts, gymnastics, and dance art form, combined in one). She recruited Daniel Cossette, mime/dancer, and Ponciano Almeidas, dancer/capoerista, to help her bring the vision to life–as well as nearly 20 other individuals to help with everything from promotion, to setting, to photography.

    The internationally diverse team has been working in unique collaboration on all aspects of this exciting project. The movement artists (dancers and capoeirista) have not only collaborated on the choreography–teaching each other moves–but with the musicians, and set, lighting, and costume designers as well. Each member of the team has had input into multiple aspects of the show, making it truly a group effort to produce whole product that will, we hope, move audiences deeply with the story of a father’s unconditional love for his independently minded daughter.

    We need your help! This event is produced by the artists. If you would like to donate to help us reach our goals click here.

    Tickets: Come and see the show on 31/01/14 at 8pm at The Place Theatre, Kings Cross. Tickets at www.theplace.org.uk  0207 121 1100 or just like us on Facebook “Pursue Me” or Twitter @pursuemeproject. The word on the street is that the “good seats” are going fast! We recommend booking your tickets earlier, rather than later!

    IMG_6093 2

    IMG_6114 2

    IMG_6139 2

  • P1030932

    Infusion Physical Theatre had a great first weekend at the Anglesey Abbey National Trust for their Winter Lights event. The Abbey sold out all three weekends of the event about 10 days before the event opened, and Winter Lights visitors have given wonderful feedback about IPT’s creative new adaptation of Prokofiev’s classic in a life size shadow theatre of mime, puppets, and dance.


    For schools interested in bringing this program to their students, IPT is booking for the Spring term. The show celebrates the original music, and also allows for students/audience to come backstage and experiment with shadow, perspective, space, theatre, and movement, all in one! Contact us


  • Winter Lights

    SatelliteComing up, Infusion is going to be performing at the Anglesey Abbey. Premiering an all new show we are currently designing, Infusion will be bringing to life classic tales like Peter and the Wolf, Nutcracker, and others, all in shadow theatre! A combination of puppets, hands, sculpture, and mime, it will be a silhouette to remember!

    The National Trust is reprising their popular event from last year, bringing in artists and professional lighting designers to light up the gardens! Enjoy music, food and drink, wandering performers, and shadow theatre. See with new eyes, as the stunning displays accent the winter beauty of the gardens.

    We recommend getting your tickets online, at the Anglesey Abbey’s National Trust website! They are selling fast…melhouette

  • Creative Cabaret

    Creative Cabaret

    Infusion was excited to perform at the Creative Cabaret Cambridge last month! Perched on a high flying stage in the atmospheric Union Society Café, Daniel Cossette performed three different mimes alongside other talented performers. Click for images!

    The Cabaret is an entertaining evening bringing a variety of delights; each time they host different artists, from comedian poets, to song writer/musicians, to dancers. Set under the high roof and historical reputation of the Union Society building, the intimate venue becomes a sea of enjoyment as the lights, refreshments, and artistry takes the audience away on a journey of–exactly as it says–creativity.
    It was a fun, inspiring evening, and we highly recommend it! Find them here to get info on the next cabaret you won’t want to miss!

    dan creative cabaret

  • Welcome!


    Infusion Physical Theatre is a physical performing arts group that specializes in mime, dance, and storytelling, all with an infusion of Faith.